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Experience the world of candle making in this private group workshop.

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In this class, you will learn to create your own scented soy wax candles! If you have ever wanted to experiment with producing your own soy candles for a little at-home aromatherapy, or make candles to gift to family and friends, this class offers the foundation, tools, and supplies necessary to get you started. First, you will learn about soy wax, how to safely melt it, and how to customize and blend the wax with fragrances and color. You will then learn to properly set your wick and add your wax to a small glass tumbler or jar. After a cooling period to let it to chill and set, your new candle will be ready to get lit! Each student can make up to two candles, and will be provided with a resource guide on where to find additional wax, jars, fragrances, and other supplies in order to keep making candles at home!

Supplies Needed: None.  As part of this class, you will receive all of the wax, dye color blocks, fragrance, glassware, and wick supplies to produce up to two 8oz candles.

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